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Massage Therapies

Classic full body massage is essential, professional and specific. Select from the following three themes to find the perfect solution for you:

Unwind – 50 or 80 minutes

This relaxing massage is enhanced with either Soothing or Restorative Aromatherapy blended oil to help you unwind and rest.

Restore – 50 or 80 minutes

This clearing and purifying massage is complimented with either Detoxifying or Resistance Oil to help you cleanse, detoxify and restore.

Elevate – 50 or 80 minutes

This uplifting massage is combined with either Energising or Fitness Oil to energise both mind and body.

Swedish – 50 or 80 minutes

This full-body massage flows with rhythmic grace, inspired by traditional Swedish techniques. Massage is known to help improve the healthy functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.

Sports – 50 or 80 minutes

An advanced, area-specific massage developed to alleviate points of deep seated tension resulting from sports activity. Limbs and muscles are stretched and joints mobilised to encourage relaxation.

Men's Purifying Facial, Shoulder and Scalp Massage – 50 minutes

Travel, stress or lack of sleep can be reflected in dull lifeless skin. Working at a deep molecular level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin, this facial will leave you feeling de-stressed and renewed. The triple cleanse procedure includes hot towels to soothe and soften bristles, aiding in prevention of blocked pores. A relaxing acupressure face massage and purifying mask are followed by a deep shoulder and scalp massage using conditioning hair and scalp mud to melt away tension.

Stressbuster Body Treatment – 110 minutes

Designed to reduce stress and relax mind and body, this holistic treatment begins with a body exfoliation before the placing of stones along vital energy points of the body.

A full body massage follows, using carefully selected essential oils and hot stones to release tight muscles. Tension points are massaged around the eyes and ears, followed by an acupressure head massage. This complete treatment ends with gentle stretching to help release deep-seated tension around neck and shoulders.

To experience the One&Only Spa, please contact the Reception desk at One&Only Spa on +9714 3152140 or email spa@oneandonlyroyalmirage.ae.

Massage Therapies
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