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Located within the Health & Beauty Institute, the Fitness Centre is fully equipped with Technogym® Excite and Personal Selection ranges.

Technogym® Cardio equipment:
• Four Treadmills
• Two Synchros
• Two Waves
• One Recline Bike

Technogym® Resistance equipment:
• Chest Press
• Shoulder Press
• Leg Curl
• Ab Crunch
• Lower Back

• Kinesis™
• Flexability™
• Power Plate®
• Dumbbells (1-26kg)
• Swiss Balls
• Medicine Balls

A dedicated fitness team is present at all times to provide guidance and motivation for regular exercise as well as private sessions on request.

Sample private sessions:
Personal Fitness Training (60mins)
A customized session focused on your specific strengths and fitness needs. This one-to-one session aims to provide motivation and feedback to make the most of your time in the gym.

Assisted Stretching (30mins)
This one-to-one session is devoted to stretching and relaxation. It helps eliminate any tightness in the body and improves overall flexibility.

Core Training (30mins)
This session aims to strengthen the muscles of the abdominals, trunk and pelvis. The exercises range from simple, traditional to more complex ones using Swiss balls, BOSU®, foam pads and medicine balls.

Power Plate® (30mins)
The Power Plate® uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. Whether you want to improve your fitness and flexibility, build up your muscles or simply improve your general health, the Power Plate® will help you reach your goals.

The resort also features a Fitness Studio in The Palace, inviting guests to exercise and receive Ayurvedic treatments originated from India.

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