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Beauty Centre

Within the resort’s Health & Beauty Institute, guests may enjoy hair care and styling, as well as pampering nail care.

Zouari Hair Salon

Alexandre Zouari grew up in a world of beauty, applying his art of the chignon to a prestigious clientele within Paris’ “Golden Triangle” for many years. Located on the lower floor of the Health & Beauty Institute; featuring dedicated areas for ladies and gentlemen.

Hairstyling and creation
As a true creator, Zouari designs his own hairstyle collection, inspired from nature and focusing on the structure of the shapes, with a reference to the natural products always present in the composition of hair care. A team of stylists bring this vision to the Zouari Hair Salon.

To be special and unique, Zouari suggests a touch of colour for originality and pleasure to a hairstyle. Through Zouari’s unique contrasting technique, stylists transform hairstyles to suit personalities.

Abandon to the trusting hands of Zouari’s professional team offering the finest in hair care, tailored to personal desires.

Pedi:Mani:Cure: Studio by Bastien Gonzalez

Bastien Gonzalez, internationally famous French podiatrist renowned for his Podiatry & Pedicure Clinic in the Hôtel Bristol, Paris, has hand-picked and personally trained the specialists offering manicures and pedicures at One&Only Royal Mirage. His exclusive pedicure includes a specific massage focusing on flexibility and skin conditioning.

Bastien has long recognised the importance and the vulnerability of the feet, which are hidden most of time, in comparison to the hands which are always visible. Locked in shoes, lacking oxygen and supporting the entire system, Bastien believes passionately that the feet deserve specific and intensive treatment.

As a result, Bastien developed his method as a unique blend of strict medical care combined with a more holistic approach. He has made it his focus to embrace foot care within a concept of wellbeing which takes its root in an aesthetic philosophy. Bastien’s pedicure is a new global perception which is focused on three main areas:
  • Skin and nail treatment: a true pedicure combining care and maintenance
  • Beauty: enhancing the natural brilliance of the nail
  • Wellbeing: thanks to a specific massage which focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, circulation and skin conditioning. From the toes up to the knees, each muscle and tendon is worked to help recover optimal mobility. The result of Bastien’s Pedicure is immediate: the foot becomes lighter; the whole body seems to be floating.

Bastien's Duo Treatment – 75 minutes
The ultimate in luxury and total relaxation of experiencing the professional expertise of Bastien for a complete treatment of feet, nails and hands in four hands synchronization. Nails are thoroughly treated and become naturally beautiful and shiny. Legs and arms are massaged while your body experiences the sensation of lightness.

Bastien's Pedicure – 60 minutes
An overall pedicure incorporating a nail treatment including gentlebuffing to restore the natural beauty of the nails, a skin treatment with the goal to eliminate irregularities and dryness followed by a genuine massage from the toes up to the knees relieving any tension and heaviness.

Bastien's Manicure – 45 minutes
An outstanding manicure following three steps: cuticle and nail treatment, a natural beauty finish to the nail and a thorough massage of the forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers: unforgettable!

Foot Refoundation – Foot and Leg Massage – 35 minutes
A treatment totally designed for the well-being of the feet and legs. Ideal for heavy numb legs after a long flight, this truly relaxing massage from the toe up to the knee focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, blood circulation, skin elasticity and volume of the plantar pads.

Global Refoundation – Legs and Arms Massage – 35 minutes
Utter relaxing massage: from toes up to the knee, from fingers up to the elbow, this four hands synchronised massage creates new lightness sensations to the whole body, relieves the legs and arms from any tension and heaviness. The wellbeing lies in two points: skin elasticity and optimum mobility.

Nail's Enlightenment – 45 minutes
A foot treatment focusing on the beauty of nails, cuticles and light smoothing off dryness of the soles of the feet. Nails are reshaped and buffed with chamois leather and a pearly buffing cream. The treatment results in healthy, shiny and natural looking nails. It ends with a relaxing foot massage.

Additional Facilities at The Palace

An additional Fitness Studio with Ayurvedic inspired treatments is available at The Palace. The facilities also boast a Bastien Gonzalez Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio.

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